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School Products


Cherry council desk used by the school board at the Central Education Center in Martinsville, IN


Matching podium for the Martinsville school board


Oak case for Mooresville High School flag football state championship trophy

fine arts1.jpg

Oak cases for the Fine Arts program at Mooresville High School


Built  in trophy case at Monrovia High School


Trophy case at Monrovia High School filled with historical items


Cherry trophy cases at Mooresville High School


Custom concession stand cabinets at Mooresville High School.  Cabinets in the bottom picture are four inches deeper than standard to accommodate the popcorn machine.


Solid cherry divider wall at John R. Wooden Middle School in Martinsville, IN.  The logo is laser etched on frosted acrylic.  The reception desk below is in the same room.


Cherry reception desk with solid surface countertops at John R. Wooden Middle School

Student benches at Martinsville High School.  Electric outlets are for charging electronic devices.

Solid cherry reception desk with solid surface top at Martinsville High School. (Click image to see more images)

Plaque display and sign made to match existing display at Mooresville High School.  Engraved metal signs will cover each plaque.

I was honored to build these recessed cases for Monrovia High School to display their football program's state championship football trophy.

Trophy cases flanking the main entrance at Martinsville's South Elementary

Musical instrument storage at Martinsville Bell Intermediate Academy.  Compartments are sized for various instruments and are equipped with combination locks.

These cases were installed in Martinsville's Glenn Curtis Gymnasium.  This is the gym where John  Wooden played high school basketball.

On top of the cases are laser etched pictures on plexiglass of middle school athletes participating in their activities.

 These lockers are in the John R. Wooden Gymnasium at Martinsville High school.

The bottom section of each is a lockable footlocker. The small door at the top is a

lockable compartment for valuables.

Trophy cases at Martinsville Bell Intermediate Academy.

Plaque display case at Martinsville Bell Intermediate School.

Wrestling podium at Martinsville West Middle School.

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