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About Us

A passion for quality, passed down from my late grandfather, Loy Burpo Sr., dictates that no product shall leave production without every assurance it is of the highest quality in design, construction and finish. Every piece is custom designed and built specifically for the customers space and desires. His philosophy of excellence and service live on in every item manufactured at Fine Woodworks by Tom Arthur.

Company History

Having taken a job with my grandfather as a junior in high school, I apprenticed

in his shop for 4 years from 1976 thru1981. Under the tutelage of Loy Burpo

Sr. and Loy Burpo Jr., I had over 50 years of woodworking knowledge at my disposal on a daily basis. I have been drawing on their knowledge and philosophies for the last 48 years.

Customer Testimonials


Thank you for the beautiful hand-crafted lockers you made for our varsity basketball locker-room. People cannot believe the quality of these lockers and how nice it makes our locker-room look. GREAT JOB!!!!!


-Eric B. Martinsville High School




Tom Arthur has designed and built several pieces of high quality oak furniture for me including: a sofa table, tv stand, and three book cases. The quality of craftsmanship is extraordinary. I would recommend Tom Arthur at the highest level. He is truly outstanding as a furniture builder.

-Don A.




When my family moved into our current house, it had a large finished basement. This basement was a blank canvas with white walls and no furniture. Tom turned it into a great living space. He made an unbelievable entertainment center that houses our Sony 60 inch television and surround sound. He also made book shelves and cabinets that span a large area. They all have pull out trays on slides that make storing things so easy! Tom's work is unbelievable. He is truly gifted, but yet priced well for the average person to afford such craftsmanship.


Tom came to my house and measured for all the work. He then went back to his shop and made the product. He then returned weeks later to install the new pieces! There was no mess, no noise, and no worrying about leaving keys or doors unlocked! I would highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to add value to their home!

-Kyle S.


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